Halloween Monster Candy Tube Craft


Halloween is such a fun holiday.  From trick-or-treating, to pumpkin patches, to parties with friends and family, it’s a great excuse to celebrate and have a good time!  These little monster candy tubes are perfect to keep those little kiddos busy this season.  They will love customizing their own tube and stuffing it full of fun treats and little trinkets.  It’s a great way to recycle those paper towel rolls too!  It also helps keep the cost of this craft down.  Win win!  These are easier then easy to make… And they come out so cute and whimsical for Halloween!  I mean, just look how spooky they are!  Here’s how you make one…


Gather as many paper rolls as you will need for your project.  You could also use paper towel rolls that you cut in half, or even keep the long length!  It would be cute either way.


Now you just need to start by painting the rolls whatever color you want your monsters to be.  At first I was worried that the paper rolls would absorb the paint and become soggy and not really work out.  But they held up really well to even multiple coats of paint!  They dried really firm and will hold up to being stuffed with all kinds of goodies.


After the paint has dried, you can glue on some googly eyes.  I also used a Sharpie to draw on some mouths, then I went over that with paint.  I just don’t trust my free hand painting skills!  Ha!  Another really cute idea for a mouth would be to cut some teeth out of white paper and glue that on.  You can do whatever you want to customize your Halloween monster!  The sky is the limit here…


For the candy, I used little treat baggies to stuff for the inside of the tubes.  It worked great!  You can put whatever you want that will fit… I think it would be adorable to add little toys and maybe a bit of confetti for older kids.  Do whatever you would like and have fun with it!


I kept a little bit of the bag coming out of the top of these little monsters.


To tie off the bags, I just cut some tulle into strips and knotted it.  I ruffled up the extra on top of the tube to just give it a bit more character.


And that’s it!  My son was totally loving these.  And I gave my niece and nephews each one!  It’s just a super quick and easy little Halloween gift.  I also think they would be adorable at a monster themed birthday party!  You can do them in any color.  They really are so versatile!


These little guys crack me up.  I think they are so cute and just perfect for Halloween!  And super spooky right?  If you don’t want to use candy, I think it would be just as fun to put glow sticks, balloons, or some kind of little dollar store trinkets in them as well.



I was really happy with how these turned out.  I will probably be making more for all my nieces and nephews this coming Halloween!  They are a great way to give someone a little extra something fun during trick-or-treating.

Thanks so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Monster Candy Tube Craft

    1. Hi Linda! So I actually used little treat baggies to put the candy in, tied those off at the top, then used the tube more like a sleeve to go around the bag rather then using it as a container if that makes sense… I found that the bag held everything in nicely. But if you wanted to go a different route, I would image some tissue paper glued to each end from the inside would work and look cute! I hope that helps. Thanks for reading! -Emily

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