‘Don’t Eat Pete!’ Springtime Edition

Oh my goodness, this year is FLYING by!  I can’t believe Easter has already come and gone.  Summer will be here before we know it.  I wanted to share this super fun little Don’t Eat Pete printable game board with you today because I figured kids are probably bored to tears after all the fun breaks from school…. or is that just me.  Regardless, it can be hard adjusting back into your regular routine after a whole bunch of fun!

If your family is stuck in a rut, this little game will come to the rescue.  It’s crazy easy to put together and takes almost nothing.  Just the printable and some little markers of some kind such as small candies, or like… dried beans… marbles maybe.  Be creative!  The concept of Don’t Eat Pete is very simple.  Each player will need a board, and enough marker pieces for each space.  So in this case, 9.  I guess technically you can use 1 board for the game, but where’s the fun in that?!  On a players turn, they will put one marker on each space of their board and leave the room.  The rest of the players will secretly pick a space on the board to use as ‘Pete’.  Let’s say the little spider in this case is our ‘Pete’.  Once that has been determined, the player comes back into the room and starts eating or removing the marker pieces one by one.  If they reach for our spider ‘Pete’ space, everyone yells ‘Don’t Eat Pete!’ and their turn is over!  If you are playing with older, more competitive kiddos then you could keep score simply by adding up the amount of markers they successfully removed before finding the ‘Pete’.  The person with the highest number at the end wins!  And that’s basically it.  Its a very simple but entertaining game that is easy to add your own spin to, or adjust as you need for different ages.

I hope this brings some smiles into your homes this spring season!  Until next time.

xoxo Emily


Dont Eat Pete Gameboard

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