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I personally think Valentines Day candy is the best!  I always look forward to when it makes it out onto the store shelves.  Especially all the cinnamon candies…. mmm the best.  And candy makes the perfect little gift for loved ones on Valentines Day as well don’t you think?  I put  together a fun little tutorial that shows how you can make your own chocolate heart shaped candy cups!  Yep.  It’s candy inside candy.  Doesn’t really get much better than that!  The chocolate can be white, dark, milk, red, pink…. whatever your ‘heart’ desires!  *ok, that was lame…* Check it out!

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Heart Shaped Candy Mold

Chocolate Candy Melts


Assorted Candies


First you want to melt the chocolate according to the package directions.  Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, fill each heart shape mold 1/3 the way full.  Carefully put the top on (which will create the bowl) and freeze or refrigerate until completely set.  Once set, carefully remove from the molds.


Now it’s time for sprinkles!  I especially liked doing this step because it helped finish off the little cups really nicely after not looking perfect coming out of the mold.  Hooray!


For the sprinkles, just line each ridge of the cups with melted chocolate and gently dip into your sprinkles.  I poured a little bit onto a bowl so it made it easier to get an even distribution of sprinkles.  Worked great!


Once the sprinkles set, you can fill your little cups with candies!


How cute would these looked wrapped in cellophane with some ribbon and a tag?


These are such easy but thoughtful gifts for friends and family!  They are perfect for Valentines Day.

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