Fall Scrap Wood Pumpkins & Quote Block

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 Hey there!  Today I am coming at ya with this super easy and fun Fall Scrap Wood Pumpkins & Quote Block tutorial!  I love decorating my home with fun little wood creations during the holidays.  And it makes it even better when they are handmade!  This project would be perfect for a fall craft night with the girls, or even just yourself!  It is really easy, and inexpensive.  I actually had all the wood pieces I needed on hand!  That may be the case for some of you as well… If not, it’s pretty cheap to get some from the craft or lumber store.  For this project, you can customize it however you want!  I decided to use a rich autumn theme color pallet for my set… Here’s how I did it!

Scrap Wood

First you need to gather up your scrap wood pieces.  I used two for pumpkins and one for the quote block.  They are different sizes as well.  Makes it more unique!

Stained Wood

Start by painting your wood pieces.  I painted one a beige color, one a pumpkin orange, and stained the other a dark walnut color.

Painting the Wood

The reason I painted the wood pieces to different colors was because I was going to reverse stencil the dots and stripes onto the blocks.  That just basically means that you paint over the vinyl in a different color to get the design transferred to the wood.  The color you originally paint the wood will be the color of your design and the block color will be whatever you use to paint over the stencil… Make sense?  I hope!

Vinyl Cutouts

While the blocks were drying, I printed my vinyl designs out.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut these and found this design in the online shop for the quote block.  I free hand designed the dots and striped for the pumpkins.  You can do this however you would like!  And I believe you can find pre-cut vinyl designs online if you don’t have a machine.

Painting over the Vinyl

After I got the vinyl cut and the blocks were dry, I applied my stencils.  You want to be really careful when you do this and make sure before you paint that the edges of the design are smoothed out really well.  That way you will have less mistakes to paint over after you peel back the vinyl.

Vinyl peeled

Carefully peel away the vinyl after the paint has dried.  You can touch up any little imperfections at this point if you would like, or just sand it and distress it a little more!  The little white flecks on mine just brushed right away.  Made it easy for me!

Adding Embelishments

Now you can start adding your stems on the pumpkins and any other embellishments you want for your craft!  I stained little wooden knobs for the pumpkin stems.

Gluing Knob

Once those dried I used a dab of Tacky Glue to attach it to the top of the pumpkin blocks.  It worked perfect as a little stem!

Adding Embelishments Stem

I kept the other embellishments on mine simple by just using this little fall foliage wire that I curled up a little bit.  It just reminds me of the vines that come off the stems of pumpkins!

Front View

Now they are ready to be displayed for all to see!!  Aww…. I just love them.

Different Angle

I ended up putting my set on the mantel in my living room.  Sooo easy to put together… Seriously.  And it’s such pretty decor.  I love the rustic look of how this particular set turned out.  So fun!


Happy Fall Ya’ll!


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16 thoughts on “Fall Scrap Wood Pumpkins & Quote Block

    1. Deborah, I do too! Sometimes it’s nice to whip out a cute project without spending lots of time on it. Thanks for reading!

    1. Lynn, I am so happy to hear that! And I agree. Fall is easily my favorite season. Happy crafting! And thanks for reading.

  1. What a super cute and colorful idea!!! I love using the wooden knobs for the stems!!! That is unique! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Hi Nola, Thanks so much! This was a really fun project and I have been loving them this fall season. Thanks for reading!

  2. can anyone tell me were to order vinyl decals from that are not wall decals. I think this would make a cute gift to hand out to sisters, sister n laws for Christmas with there kiddos names on them something they could help me make for there moms for Christmas any ideas. Thanks so much for a great idea

    1. Hi Julie! I actually purchased the fall quote design from the link in the post, and I free hand designed the dots and lines on my computer. Etsy might have a few little shops that would sell custom vinyl design cuts and you could order some to fit the wood you will be using. Or if anyone reading this could help out with this request, let us know!

      That is such a great idea to use these as gifts. I think the moms will just love them! Thank you for reading.

        1. Hi Mgstamper! Yes! If you like the look of the vinyl instead of paint, that should work just fine! Just transfer over the lettering instead of the stencil and you’ll be good to go. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Susan! I am so glad you like it! I hope you have a great time making a set! I have been loving mine. Thanks for reading!

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