Farmhouse Style Container Upcycle

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featured image

Awhile ago I got my hands on these containers from my mother in law who was going to sell them in a yard sale.  I was so excited to upcycle them to fit the style and decor that I’ve been working towards for my kitchen!  These are really sturdy and heavy.  Great long lasting decor!  And I LOVE how they turned out.  Even though it seriously took a super embarrassing about of time for me to finish them… Because for some reason it takes me twice as long to spray paint a couple of canisters.  Worth it!!!!

bag shot

I started by stripping the shiny outer layer of the containers.  I wasn’t able to strip them completely.  But it seemed to work just great and the spray paint held perfectly once I got that shiny layer off.  I used this bag hack I saw somewhere on the internet to protect the bottom of the jar, which I chalk painted later.

paint box shot

Check out my sweet spray painting rig I set up.  Totally revolutionary right??  I took this lil cutie outside and spray painted away.

paint layer number 1

It took a. lot. of. coats.  Like, a lot.  That’s my excuse for why it took so long… not the actual fact that I just stink at spray painting!  This is after one coat.  And PS.  The bag trick worked wonders!  However, I don’t think it was that necessary considering the fact that its pretty easy to paint over white… hehe.  Oh well!

Painting Caps

I used gray chalk paint to cover the bottoms of the lids and the jars.  That color really gets me.  It was the perfect gray to pair with the white.  Looove it.

decor shot pretty

Overhead Shot

process of etching details

Once the paint dried, I took a wooden skewer and etched away at the parts that were distressed before I spray painted.  I tried to put some waxy goop all over the distressed parts BEFORE spray painting and it made absolutely no difference.  But I really like the finish of how it turned out once I scraped the paint away.  So in a way, I’m happy for that little fail!

lid shot

After that, I took a tiny bit of clear coat sealer to them and voila.  They work perfect in my kitchen with the rest of my decor and I seriously think I will cherish them forever.

shelf shot far view

shelf shot

I’m not quite sure where I’ll put them yet… But I kinda want to try and make them work on top of the cabinet in my kitchen.  They look quite lovely those wreaths I made not to long ago!

decor far shot

decor shot

But for now I left them on the corner of my counter.  And I actually really like them there as well.  I think I need to find a little bit more decor to fill up that space on the cabinet.  So until then, they will probably just stay here.


Such a fun transformation!  I had a really fun time making these and watching them come together.  And it actually turned out just like I was imagining!  Love when that happens.

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