Easy DIY Topiary

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download (18)

I’ve always loved topiary & boxwood decor!  I think it adds such a modern elegance to a space.  When my husband and I first moved into our home, I searched everywhere for a set of topiary decor that wasn’t crazy expensive.  Obviously, I didn’t have any luck with that.  And I was super disappointed because the fireplace in our living room was begging for a set of topiary decorations!  I finally just decided I would make my own!  It worked out great, and best of all, it was CRAZY easy to do!  And took not even an hour to put both of them together.  Best craft ever.  So if you would be so kind as to please look past the horrific quality of these photos, I would be all sorts of happy.  I took them in my basement, at night, while baby was sleeping.  A mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do!  Thank you.  *kissy face, heart eyes, hugs*

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I bought everything I needed for this project from Joann’s, except for the pots.  Those are from the Target dollar spot.  Ya’ll know how I feel about the dollar spot…. Those cost $3 a piece.  Can’t beat that!  But you can use any pot, container, or jar that you would like.  The sizes of the styrofoam balls, wooden dowels, boxwood, and container you decide to use will depend on how big or little you want your topiary.  You will also need a package of faux moss.  SuperMoss has sticky back sheets that are quite pricey, and plain sheets that are much less expensive (and the idea of this is to keep it cheap right?).  I’ve worked with both types, and don’t really have a preference.  For this project I went with the plain moss sheets and just used hot glue, which worked fabulously.  The styrofoam balls and the wooden dowels come in all kinds of different sizes.  Just take the pot you are wanting to use in the store with you to find the right sizes.

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{These are the products that I used}

I was SO happy with how these turned out!  They work perfectly on the shelves I put in my living room a few weeks ago.  They dress up each side of the precious canvas prints of my babies (and yes, my mini schnauzer is one of said babies…) that my husband surprised me with 2 anniversaries ago.





My sweet little babes!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Thanks for stopping by.


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