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Hello & Welcome!  Thanks for stopping in from A Purdy Little House!  Her home is beautiful so I don’t doubt that you are here already very inspired with awesome home decor tips!  I am so excited to be a part of this Simply Seasonal home decor series hosted by Organize Nashville.  The first part of this series is Simply Fall.


Fall is my favorite season.  I love the smells, the activities, and the weather especially!  And the decor we get to use in our homes is so pretty.  It just creates such a warm and comfy atmosphere.  My fall home decor style can be described as simple and classic fall (with lots of handmade elements!).  I’m going to be talking a bit about how to incorporate handmade items into your home decor, and how to decorate on a budget.  I am a stay at home mom to the sweetest little boy and cutest fur baby.  So my living room is truly lived in!  I have a corner with toys and another corner with a kennel.  You will see a few snippets of that throughout my post!  With that being said, here is some examples of my fall home style.


Our home is a humble one, but we absolutely love it here.  When we first moved in, my husband and I were both working full time.  We didn’t have a lot of free time to get to decorating like I wanted to and for my husband to do the little upgrades around the house that he wanted done.   I worked all the way up until I had my baby (well, with the exception of skipping out on the 8 days he was overdue! haha).  Once I had a baby all my time went from work to, well… a baby!  So I slowly started putting my home together just how I wanted it.  We did some painting projects, like the bead board in these photos.  That was nude wood when we moved in.  The grey living room was once a salmon pink (yikes!).  And I did up a nursery for our son.  He’s almost 2 now and in that time I learned how to decorate on a budget as well as how to incorporate handmade items into my home.


Decorating on a budget can be hard.  My absolute favorite place to pick up inexpensive and super cute decor is the Target dollar spot!  Y’all know how much I love the dollar spot…  There is always decor for every holiday and season and it’s usually priced between $1-$5.  It gets me every time…  The pumpkin and ramekin pictured here are from the dollar spot.  A few other places I love are Gordmans, HomeGoods, and Tai Pan Trading.



Hand making your own decor is not only fun, but is a great way to save a bit of money as well.  The gold leaf garland I strung along my mantel is 2 packages of wooden leaves from the dollar spot simply hot glued to a piece of twine!  And those three little wood pumpkins are my most popular tutorial on the blog right now.  I made those with scrap wood I found laying around.  I had everything else to make them on hand already.



This is one of my favorite parts of the living room.  I love how that pumpkin glows!  Most of the decor pictured here came from various places like Joann Craft, Gordmans, and Target.


My fall wreath is one of my absolute favorite decorations that I own.  I made this a few years ago and love pulling it out every year.   Wreaths are a super quick and easy way to switch up your decor each season.


One of my favorite things to do when I decorate my house is use printables!  It is such an easy way to get a big impact.  And you can just switch them out for every holiday!  I dressed up my little hexi shelves with some fall flare as well.  You will never believe what those are made of… Popsicle Sticks!  True.  Find the tutorial at Make and Do Crew here!


Pillows are another great way to decorate on a budget!  Especially if you make covers for pillows you already have.  You can find the tutorial for my ‘Happy Fall Y’all’ pillow here!



Those pillow covers are my jam.  I absolutely love that fabric I found at Joann.  I will probably put these back out during Thanksgiving!  The pumpkin pallet is a great and functional piece of decor because you can switch out the pumpkin for different overlays that would work for each holiday and season!  Check out some more of my tips below!


1- Try to incorporate what you already have.  Some of my decor is years old.  I just either switch up how I display it, or give it a whole new look all together with a little spray paint!  But it’s also fun to find and have new pieces of decor as well.  Treat yo’self!  And a lot of fall decor could also work for Thanksgiving.  Some Christmas and other holiday decor could work for winter, and so on… Little tricks like that can help make what you have go a long way.

2- Shop for new decor at the end of seasons and holidays.  You can find some really great decor on clearance and store it away for the next year.  Or you can use some ideas from the first tip and find stuff that will work for the remaining holidays and seasons that are still to come!  Lot’s of the decor in my fall stash came from clearance sections and I am planning on using a lot of it for Thanksgiving.

3- Make your own decor!  Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes making your own decor costs more then just buying it.  Ha!  I know that all to well… Anyway, sometimes you can make super cute decor that you really can’t find in store and do it for cheap!  One of my most popular tutorials on the blog are my scrap wood pumpkins.  I literally found 3 pieces of wood laying around my house and had all the other stuff to put them together on hand already.  That made for a really cute and super cheap decor project.  Try to use up supplies you already have and get creative!

4- Pillows, pillows, pillows.  This is one of my favorite ways to decorate.  Just the pillows can make such a big difference in a room.  And just use the pillows you already have by making removable covers!  That way you can store them really easily and all you need to do is make a set for whatever holidays you want and easily switch them out whenever!  No bulky pillow storage required.  Although I do have some pretty stinkin’ cute pillows that are worth the storage space as well…

5- Know where to find cute and inexpensive decor.  There are so many cute places out there to purchase adorable decor for really cheap!  A huge portion of stuff I have is from the Target Dollar Spot.  Places like Gordmans, HomeGoods, and others are great starts for affordable home decor.


I hope you enjoyed my little fall home tour!  Be sure to check out Roots North and South.  You will be so inspired by her beautiful home!  I’ve also left the links, and days, for all the other bloggers participating in this series.  And as always, thanks for stopping by.



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  1. We all rocked this blog hop, I can’t wait to see how the series continues!!

    I looovw those end tables and entry table! So pretty. I love how you added so many fall touches! And even though it’s not fall related… but that baby photo!!! Adorable!!!!!

    1. Aww you are so sweet! I can’t wait for future editions for the series either! This was SO fun! And thank you so much!! And my husband surprised me with those canvas prints for our third anniversary! He is such a fun baby… We love him to pieces!

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