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I am so excited about this tutorial!  It combines two of my favorite things… Fall decor and script font!  Swoon.  I wish I had handwriting as pretty as this.  The font for this pillow was exactly what I wanted for the design.  This pillow was a little more on the tricky side, but turned out SO cute.  It made the work totally worth it.  Here’s how you can make one for your own home!


So what you will need to get started is some vinyl, canvas, optional tassels (click here for my tutorial on how to make them!) in any color, thread, sewing machine, paint, and fabric medium (this stuff is AWESOME).


Once you have all your supplies gathered up, the first step is to cut out the stencil for the pillow design.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut mine and even linked a FREE cut file for this design below for all of you!  Square it off (or cut around the design to reserve the vinyl scraps) and make sure you leave enough room around the design for the paint so it doesn’t go over the edge where you don’t want it.


Use transfer paper to move the vinyl stencil onto a squared off piece of canvas.  Make sure to rub it down really well so its nice and stuck down to the fabric.  My pillow measured 14×14 inches.  You can do yours in whatever size you prefer!


This is what you should end up with.  Now it’s time to get the paint ready!


Okay, so I mentioned this above… but fabric medium is totally awesome.  One of my new favorite craft products!  I chose this Martha Stewart Crafts brand because I’ve tried other products in this line and have loved every one of them.


To mix, you combine a 1-1 ratio of the medium to your paint.  I did 1/2 Tbsp of each.  And you will end up with the prettiest marble concoction ever.  But make sure you mix it thoroughly… even though it’s pretty.  And don’t worry!  This medium, even though its a bit thick and white, won’t dull the color of whatever paint you use.  At least I didn’t notice anything using black… I was a tad worried at first when I started mixing.


Once the paint is all mixed up and ready to go, you can start dabbing it on over the stencil.  Make sure you don’t paint in strokes!  That could cause it to seep underneath the stencil and outside the lines.  If you just dab it on using one of these handy stencil brushes, you will get nice, crisp, and sharp lines.


This is what it will look like after you get it completely painted.  I went through it as it was drying and touched up any areas that needed a little more paint.


And now, for the best part of a stencil project… peeling away the vinyl!  I was so happy with how the design came out.


I made my pillow as a cover.  So I can just slip it on and off of the pillows that are already on my couch.  To do this I cut two pieces for the back that were 9-ish by 14 inches.  You will want the pieces to overlap each other.


Fold the top of the pieces over and sew them in place.


Now line up the pieces with the pretty sides together.  Again, the back pieces should be overlapping.


Pin it all together and sew around all the edges!


After it’s all sewn together, just flip it right side out.  This is how the front will look!


And the back….


At this point you can either throw the cover on a pillow or you can add tassels!  Use thread to attach the tassels to each corner of the pillow.  Go through a few times until it feels secure.  Make a knot at the end.


Here’s how mine turned out.  Do this to all four corners and trim the tassel if needed.


And there you have it!  I seriously just love how this turned out.  How cute would it be to make the ‘fall’ the same color as the tassels?  I guess I’ll just have to make another one!


This little pillow is so fun to have on my couch.  I love how it fits in with all the rest of my fall decor.  Thanks so much for reading!  If you want to make one for your own home, feel free to download the free cut file below!


Download the Free ‘Happy Fall Y’all’ SVG File here!  *This design is for personal use only!*

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5 thoughts on “DIY ‘Happy Fall Y’all’ Canvas Throw Pillow

  1. So beautiful and smart I love it gets along with autumn season…
    I like how you have explained bits to bits.
    Thank you for this diy..

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    So beautiful and smart I love it gets along with autumn season…
    I like how you have explained bits to bits.
    Thank you for this diy..

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