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I have been seeing all kinds of different yarn pom-pom and tassel projects all over Pinterest lately.  I’ve seen fun things like banners, pillow, blankets, and even things like bags spruced up with some yarn!  And I’ve also seen all kinds of ways to make a tassel as well.  From using cardboard, to clipboards, to paper… Today I’m going to share my take on a super easy and quick way to make a yarn tassel using a fork!


Don’t mind the black paint on my hand either, I’ve had a lot of projects going on lately!  ha!  Anyway, I made 4 tassels in one sitting and it took me probably around 10 minutes.  And they turned out really fluffy and thick and I can’t wait to use them in a future project!  Best part is all you will need is a fork and some yarn… yep.  Here’s how its done.


So this might be confusing, but I will try my best to explain it.  To begin the tassel you will need to wrap the yard between the prongs of the fork.  You can do this anywhere on the fork that you would like.  Can you see how at the bottom the yarn loops back up to the top and through the fork?  The more prongs you have under the yarn, the bigger the opening at the top of the tassel will be (the part that you would thread string through to hang or attach it to something).  As you can see, I used the middle prongs to make mine.  This made for a good size top that would be really easy to thread something through without it being to big.


Once you have wrapped the yard around the fork a few times, you will end up with something like this.


 You will need to snip the bottom of this as the yarn at this stage will be in one continuous circle, if that makes sense.  You can make the tassel as thick or thin as you would like.  Next just cut a piece of yarn that you will be using to wrap around the top of the tassel to finish it off.  It doesn’t need to be super long, but I cut enough that I could adjust it as needed without running out of yarn while wrapping it.


Wrap that piece of yarn you cut around the entire tassel.


Keep wrapping until you are happy with how it looks then just tie of off!  The knot you will make just kinda disappears into the tassel.  So it works out great!


This part probably isn’t necessary, but I just took a little piece of yard and looped it through the top so when I got around to finishing the project I was using these for, it would save me a bit of time when it came to getting these attached.  Again, not super necessary… like, at all.  hehe But it took me like 2 seconds so its okay!


And that’s it!  Super easy.  I kept my tassels a little longer then I wanted them because once they are on a project you can always trim them up, but you can’t really make them longer.  I will be making all kinds of projects now that I know how to quickly throw these together!  And the possibilities of colors to make these in are pretty endless… Just find a yarn color you love and you are set!

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to create something pretty!  Thanks for reading.


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