Farmhouse Style Wreath Tutorial

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Feature Photo

My husband and I bought our first home nearly 3 years ago and I am pretty much just now getting around to decorating it!  That makes me feel kind of lazy… But in my defense, I worked full time clear up until I had my first baby.  And then, a baby.  That alone is quite time consuming!  I guess that isn’t a great excuse considering he is almost 2.  Ha!  Anyway, I have always loved the look of farmhouse style home decor.  It’s so pretty and has such a modern elegance.  My kitchen is starting to take on a fresh new farmhouse feel to it.  Not to long ago I bought a crate to put some faux lemons in and some foliage from Joann that I cut up to put on the bottom of the crate.  Needless to say, I tried and tried but couldn’t get it to look right!  Some days I liked it better than others, but I just didn’t like the look enough to keep it that way.  So the lemons are in an apothecary jar and the foliage is now these little wreaths!

Glue Gun ShotCut Up Leaves

These were really easy to make, but I tried to rush through them to finish before company arrived.  Burn’s galore from the glue gun is all I have to say about that… If you ever do this, take your time!  I hot glued the leaves together because 1- I didn’t have a wreath form on hand and 2- why not?  I figured it would work well to get a really rustic looking little wreath, and the faux plant I used was already cut up.  Basically, I took pieces of the plant I had and glued the stems into a circular wreath.  I unfortunately didn’t take photos as I was doing the project… Mom brain moment.  But it really was quite easy once you get the hang of it.


Double Closeup

I hung these little guys on the cabinet doors of this random hutch that was in our kitchen when we bought the house.  Eventually we’d like to switch out the hardware and paint or stain the counters.  This home will eventually become a rental property that we will manage, so I don’t know if we’ll end up doing that upgrade. I’d really like to though!

Front Far View

Single Closeup

Closeup Side View

I wasn’t that happy with how these turned out at first.  My husband has a rule for me and my crafts where I have to wait at least 3 days before throwing something I made away, or completely starting over.  He’s so cute because he has really loved stuff I have made that I haven’t been happy at all with.  That’s kinda why we came up with that little rule of thumb!  And sure enough, these wreaths totally grew on me!  I don’t know if the ribbon they are hanging from is set in stone yet or not…. I’ll probably keep an eye open for something I might come across that just screams to be there instead.  In the meantime I will just enjoy them as they.

Decor Pic

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this Joann home decor haul I posted about.  This is all going to find a home in my kitchen hopefully soon!  I will post a complete reveal after it’s all put up.  These wreaths are just the beginning!

Thanks so much for reading.  Have an amazing week!


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