Father’s Day Mustache Card


Father’s Day is so fun because we get to spoil all those awesome dads in our life’s!  I remember growing up we would sing for all the dads during the Primary Program at church.  My sisters and I would help our mom make little gifts and dinner for our dad.  We were raised by a pretty amazing father.  My husband also has an awesome dad.  His dad raised him to be the father he is today!! Yay for awesome dad’s, papa’s, and dada’s!


This will by my husbands second Father’s Day as a dad!  It has been so cute watching him with our little guy.  I think this year I’m going to makes his favorite dinner, let him off diaper duty for the day, and give him some ample computer gaming time.  That should make him feel really spoiled and happy!  He deserves it!

My hubby loves the look of simplistic design.  So I thought a card like this would be perfect for him!  I will probably print off a grey one and let our little boy draw (scribble) some heartfelt messages for dad on the inside.  I made it in 4 different colors so that you can hopefully use one that will work perfectly for your guys!


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY & Thanks for stopping by!! Until next time….


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Dark Blue


Light Blue

Light Green



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