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Do you ever get super overwhelmed with all the craft projects you want to start or finish?  I for sure do!! I always swear to myself that I won’t buy anything else from the craft store until I finish all my current projects… HA! Yeah right!  Well, I have been on the lookout now for awhile trying to find a tracker of some kind to help me get all sorts of organized and on track to finish those projects.  I wasn’t really able to find anything that I felt would work for what I wanted, so I made my own!! And I’m sharing it with all of you today!


This particular tracker doesn’t have tons of space for lots of projects, but this is exactly what I wanted!  This is a GREAT printable to use if you are wanting to get a start at chipping away on those forgotten projects.  I have seen others out there on Pinterest that are more of an ‘inventory’ of projects you have already started, or projects you want to do in the future that have room for a lot more listings.


This one has such a cute design that it makes me motivated to want to finish the projects I track on it!  It also looks really cute hung up in a craft room.


Download your free Project Tracker here.  Enjoy!


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